Amelia R. Brown

Ancient Historian, Classical Archaeologist, Byzantinist

Lecturer in Greek History & Language
Classics & Ancient History, School of History, Philosophy, Religion & Classics, University of Queensland, Australia

2009, Hannah Seeger Davis Post-Doctoral Fellow in Hellenic Studies, Princeton University

PhD, 2008, Graduate Group in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology (AHMA), University of California at Berkeley

AB, 1999, History, Hellenic Studies and Visual Arts, Princeton University

My Academic Curriculum Vitae, with recent publications and presentations.

Welcome to my academic website, in its third version since it was launched in 1995.
I'm currently lecturing in Greek History & Language at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. I teach courses in Greek History, Art, Archaeology, Language and Literature. I'm also doing ARC-supported research on the seafaring goddesses and gods of the Ancient Greeks, and what their network of cults can tell us about the development of Greek identity overseas, the develoment of a travel network in the ancient Mediterranean, and Corinth's relationship with her colonies. I also continue to be interested in Late Antique Greece, Barbarian invasions, Byzantine history, Roman sculpture, Greek religion, etc., etc.
My 2008 U.C. Berkeley dissertation focused on the history of the city of Corinth in Late Antiquity (circa 3rd to 6th centuries), and this will hopefully become a monograph someday soon. For now, you can read the abstract here, or download the entire text in USA 8.5x11 paper format or International A4 paper format. Besides my faculty advisors at Berkeley, I extend warm thanks to the American School of Classical Studies' Corinth Excavations and the 25th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities of Corinth for supporting my academic research at Ancient Corinth.

I also wrote an MA on the conversion of temples to churches in Late Antique Greece in the U.C. Berkeley Graduate Group in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology in 2002. Part of it was published as a chapter in the Shifting Frontiers in Late Antiquity series, as ?Hellenic Heritage and Christian Challenge: Conflict over Panhellenic Sanctuaries in Late Antiquity,? 2006. H.A. Drake, ed. Violence in Late Antiquity: Perceptions & Practices, Shifting Frontiers in Late Antiquity 5, Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 309-320.

My 1999 Princeton undergraduate AB Honours thesis focused on the history and archaeology of the city of Thessaloniki (Thessalonica) in the Middle Byzantine era (circa 9th-12th centuries). You can read the original version without illustrations here. My online undergraduate thesis originally employed some hypertext links to illustrations and current excavation reports; these have not survived the most recent migration of this site, but will hopefully be restored at some point. Besides my faculty advisors at Princeton, I warmly thank the 9th Byzantine Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities and the Byzantine Museum of Culture for supporting my research.

I'm a proud alumna as well of Dana Hall School in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

My extra-academic interests at Princeton included playing saxophone (or 'trash' percussion) with The Princeton University Band and sailing with The Princeton University Sailing Team.